Of the Recent Unpleasantness

August 15, 2017

Well here I am back again, hopefully to be more regular. What has happened is that my nation is beset by a tinpot dictator abroad and idiot bigots within. I’ll focus on the idiots at home.

They have taken a symbol I somewhat reluctantly identify with and paired it with one that was already hopelessly sullied by a long-ago fallen dictator. They have taken to the streets with absurd tiki torches because the powers that be wanted to remove a statue of Marse Robert E. Lee. I have problems with erasing history, but I have more problems with resurrecting the evil of fascism here in the ostensible home of freedom. They speak of White Nationalism. They claim they will not be replaced. This shows their ignorance of history. Everybody gets replaced. History is a long story of who replaced whom and under what circumstances.

To me, the enemy here is identity politics. The more we divide ourselves along racial and economic lines, the weaker and angrier we get. We are Americans, first and foremost. And that should be all we need to know.

Of Sweet Spots and Parasites

September 20, 2010

It’s a tough time to be somebody who likes things to make sense. I like to draw parallels between human organizations and the natural order of things. Like this story: http://tinyurl.com/23ahbwj . It seems Fort Worth, TX, is nearing insolvency because of pensions stemming from public servants and their union-negotiated pensions. I think to myself, I like to see cops and firemen getting their fair cut for a job well done, but there comes a point where the size of the pension (and lump sums!) and the length of time it is paid beggars the city. At that point, the line between symbiont and parasite has been crossed. The same thing can bee seen with respect to the car companies and their unions. The companies go under to the point of being bailed out but the unions remain, the parasite emerging triumphant, looking for more prey. (See Eastern Airlines).

I have a theory of the Sweet Spot that I need to do more research on. There’s a point where they get enough pay and the city survives, but the unions keep demanding more and more until parasite level is achieved. At that point we are out of the Sweet Spot. And that ain’t right.

Hello world!

January 17, 2010

Well here I am. I wonder what I’ll use this for. Be very afraid, and stay tuned.